Methods for Recovering Your Melbet Account Password

If you’ve forgotten your Melbet account password, no need to fret! We’ve got easy solutions to help you regain access and start gambling again. Simply follow our step-by-step process, which includes resetting your password or verifying your identity. Once you’re back in, you can enjoy all the fun and excitement of betting in Bangladesh on Melbet. Our goal is to make it simple for you to get back to winning. Don’t let a forgotten password hold you back as let us guide you through the process so you can get back to enjoying your favourite games on Melbet!

How to Recover Melbet’s Account Password?

After registering at the Melbet platform, you have the chance to instantly log in to your account by saving your login credentials. However, if you forgot to save them or are logging into your account after a while and have forgotten the details, then you might need to follow the steps given below to recover your account and start gambling on it. To get your account back, Melbet offers two methods from which you have the chance to change your password. 

  1. Through Email Id

To reset your Melbet account password, simply use the “Forgot Password” function which will appear while logging in to your account. Once you have clicked this option, a dialog box will appear on your screen where you have an option of recovering your account through an Email ID.

  • In the Dialog Box, choose the option of Email ID and enter the registered one that you filled in while registering yourself on the platform. 
  • Once you have filled in your Email ID, another dialog box will appear where you have to align the images accordingly to complete the verification process.
  • After the verification process, click on the submit button to get a verification code on your registered Email ID.
  • Enter the verification code in the given space and it will take you to the page where you can reset your password now.
  • Make sure you enter the new password correctly along with the other details required over there. Keep the new password safe with you or write it down somewhere to avoid any further issues while logging in to your account.
  1. Through Mobile Number

In case you don’t remember the registered Email ID of your Melbet account, the platform also offers a way to recover your account through the Phone Number. Again click on the “Forgot Password” button available over there and follow the steps given below to get your account back.

  • Click on the Mobile Number option available in the Dialog Box and enter the registered number that you used while making the account.
  • Once you’ve provided your phone number, you’ll encounter an additional verification step. Here, you’ll need to match images to proceed. It’s a straightforward process that enhances the security of your account.
  • Once verified, click “submit” to receive a verification code on your registered phone. Enter the code provided to access the password reset page. 
  • Ensure accuracy when entering your new password and other required details. Keep your new password secure, either by memorizing it or storing it safely, to prevent login issues in the future. We prioritize your account security and ease of use throughout the process.

While following the steps given above, if you are still facing any problems then you can contact the customer support team available at the Melbet through Email ( or the Live Chat option on the website.

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