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All School Eiin Number List Of Bangladesh- South Surma Upazila

Bangladesh All School EIIN Number South Surma Upazila 2020. All School EIIN Number List of Bangladesh District, Thana. EIIN Number of Sylhet Education Board. The word EIIN means – Educational Institute Identification Number.

All School Eiin Number List Of Sylhet Board South Surma Upazila, Sylhet.

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  1. Adarsha High School (Rustompur) (Eiin: 130479)
  2. Bibi Doil Girl’s High School (Eiin: 130464)
  3. Boiragibazar High School, Jalal Pur (Eiin: 130427)
  4. Boldi Ideal Multilateral High School (Eiin: 131234)
  5. Hazi Mohammad Raza Chowdhury High School (Eiin: 130485)
  6. Hazi Rashid Ali High School, Kamal Bazar (Eiin: 130423)
  7. Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqua(R.) High School (Eiin: 131115)
  8. Hazrat Shahjalal (R) High School Azmathpur (Eiin: 130428)
  9. Iqra Ideal High School (Eiin: 130463)
  10. Israb Ali High School & College (Eiin: 130501)
  11. Jafrabad Dipakkhik High School, Jafrabad (Eiin: 130478)
  12. Jalalabad Dwi- Pakshiksh High School, Sylhet (Eiin: 130409)
  13. Jalalpur High School, Jalalpur (Eiin: 130418)
  14. Japan-Bangladesh Friendship School (Eiin: 131129)
  15. Lala Bazar Dipakkhik School & College (Eiin: 130474)
  16. Mohammad Abdul Ahad High School (Eiin: 130484)
  17. Mohammad Mokan High School, Sylhet (Eiin: 130460)
  18. Monir Ahmed Academy (Eiin: 130482)
  19. Nabarun High School (Eiin: 130481)
  20. Pragoti High School, Sylhet (Eiin: 130469)
  21. Rakhal Ganj K. C. High School, Rakhalganj (Eiin: 130472)
  22. Rebatiramon Dipakkhik High School, Moghlabazar (Eiin: 130473)
  23. Renga Haziganj High School & College (Eiin: 130476)
  24. Silam P. L. Bohu Mukhi High School, Silam (Eiin: 130475)
  25. Siraj Uddin Ahmed Academy (Eiin: 130468)
  26. Soyod Kutub Jalal High School, Khalmukh Bazar (Eiin: 130477)

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