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All School Eiin Number List Of Bangladesh- Rajnagar Upazila

Bangladesh All School EIIN Number Rajnagar Upazila 2020. All School EIIN Number List of Bangladesh District, Thana. EIIN Number of Sylhet Education Board. The word EIIN means – Educational Institute Identification Number.

All School Eiin Number List Of Sylhet Board- Rajnagar Upazila, Moulvibazar.

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  1. Alhaj Abdul Moktadir Academy (Eiin: 129750)
  2. Antehary High School (Eiin: 134532)
  3. Berkuri High School (Eiin: 134812)
  4. Bimolacharan Bohumukhi High School, Indreshawer (Eiin: 129740)
  5. Chowdhary Asia Rahman Accademy (Eiin: 129745)
  6. Hazi Salamot Smrity High School, Bali Sahasra (Eiin: 129742)
  7. Janata High School (Eiin: 129748)
  8. Kadamhata High School, Kadamhata (Eiin: 129741)
  9. Kandigaon High School (Eiin: 129749)
  10. Kholagaon Karimpur High School, Karimpur (Eiin: 129739)
  11. Meherunnesa Girls’ High School, Rajnagar (Eiin: 129735)
  12. Moholal High School (Eiin: 129746)
  13. Pachgaon High School, Pach Gaon (Eiin: 129744)
  14. Rajnagar Ideal High School (Eiin: 129736)
  15. Rajnagar Potiyars High School, Rajnagar (Eiin: 129734)
  16. Santokul High School (Eiin: 129747)
  17. Shaheed Sudarshan High School (Eiin: 129737)
  18. Sonapur High School, Mokambazar (Eiin: 129743)
  19. Tarapasha High School & College (Eiin: 129738)

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