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All School Eiin Number List Of Bangladesh- Baniachang Upazila

Bangladesh All School EIIN Number Baniachang Upazila 2020. All School EIIN Number List of Bangladesh District, Thana. EIIN Number of Sylhet Education Board. The word EIIN means – Educational Institute Identification Number.

All School Eiin Number List Of Sylhet Board Baniachang Upazila, Habiganj.

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  1. Akata High School (Eiin: 129359)
  2. Am Bagan High School (Eiin: 134861)
  3. Aria Mugur Public High School, Paharpur (Eiin: 129355)
  4. G. M. High School (Eiin: 129361)
  5. Bakterpur Abul Khayer High School & College (Eiin: 129356)
  6. Balla Gurakhali Sesdp Model High School (Eiin: 136821)
  7. Baniachang Adarsha High School, Baniachang (Eiin: 129344)
  8. Baniachang Govt. Girls’ High School, Baniachang (Eiin: 129347)
  9. Daulatpur High School, Kadir Ganj (Eiin: 129352)
  10. Dr. Ilias Academy (Eiin: 129357)
  11. Hanif Khan Dbi- Pakshik High School, Suzatpur (Eiin: 129350)
  12. Hazrat Shahjalal (R) High School (Eiin: 129345)
  13. Hiyala High School (Eiin: 129346)
  14. Ikram Nandapara High School (Eiin: 129363)
  15. D. M. High School (Eiin: 129362)
  16. Janata High School, Kagapasha (Eiin: 129354)
  17. Kadirganj High School, Kadir Ganj (Eiin: 129353)
  18. R. Govt. High School, Jatrapasha (Eiin: 129348)
  19. Maharantapara Sesdp Model High School (Eiin: 136791)
  20. Medha Bikash High School (Eiin: 129364)
  21. Mondary S E S D P Model High School (Eiin: 135264)
  22. Muradpur Sesdp Model High School (Eiin: 135265)
  23. Nagura Farm High School, Pukhora (Eiin: 129351)
  24. Ratna High School (Eiin: 129360)
  25. Shath Gram Akata High School (Eiin: 129358)
  26. Sondalpur B. C. High School, Kaliar Bhanga (Eiin: 129349)
  27. Uttar Sangor High School (Eiin: 129365)

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