Muslim baby girl names

Muslim baby girl names | Modern Islamic baby girl names

Muslim baby girl names : It is important to know the Islamic baby name that will be used in your life. Therefore, avoid names that are difficult to pronounce or have too many letter complexities. Finding a list of modern sweet girl names and popular Muslim girl baby names is not a difficult task at present. A woman’s name is more important today than ever before so you can choose the name of your choice from our list.

Muslim baby girl names

Popular Muslim baby girl names refer latest trending names with accurate meaning in English. Here you find and view all names are as following:

Girls Islamic Name List 

SL NameMeaning
1AaimaLeader, Ruler, Superior
2AaliyahIn Hawaiian meaning is: high exalted; to ascend
3AdanParadise, Heaven, Garden Of A Heaven
5AfaafChaste. Virtuous, Decent, Pure.
6AfsheenShine Like A Star
7AimanRighteous, blessed, lucky
8AinaBeautiful Eyed Woman
9AlinaBright, Fair, Good-Looking, soft, pliable, delicate
10AlishbahPretty, Caring Sweet, Innocent
11AlizayThe beauty of Light, radiant, glowing, joy
12AmalWork, Hope, Aspiration
14AmberReddish-Yellow Precious Jewel.
15AmbreenThe sky
16AmeenaIn Muslim meaning is: Trustworthy; Faithful
17AnabiaTurns towards Allah, Fragrance, Odor
19AnooshaCreed, School Of Thought, Delighted, Happy
20AnoshayPleasant personality
22AnumBenefit, Blessings, Profit, Allah’s Favors Upon Humans
23AqsaFarthest, The mosque name Height, limit
24AreejPleasant smell
25AreeshaThrone Living, Under an umbrella. built structure
26ArfaHigh-Status, Best, Sublime, The Mighty
27ArshiaThrone, To Build, HIGHNESS
28AsmaraBeautiful butterfly (Modern Islamic baby girl names)
29AsmatPure, Clean
31AyatHoly Quran’s Verses, Signs, proof
32Ayesha Siddiqaحضور سروركائنات صلی اللہ عليہ وسلم كی زوجہ
35BareerahPious, The freed slave of Sayyidina Ayshah RA a well-known women companion, she lived up to the times of Khalifah Yazid bin Muawiyah RA
36BatoolPure, Chaste, Virgin (Devoted To Allah)
37BelaWhite; Within; Intelligent; Destruction
38BenazirA girl with no comparison
39BushraHappy News Glad Tiding Good Omen.
40DaniyalIntelligent Man, A Famous Intellectual, Name Of Prophet
42EishaLife and way of life
43ErumParadise Shaddad
44FabehaGifted, Fortunate, Lucky
46FalakThe Sky
47FarahLovely, Pleasant Or Beauty Good Looking, Beautiful
48FareehaHappy Joyful
49FarheenHappy, Joyous, Jubilant, A Lady Of Wisdom
50FariaProsperous woman
51FarwaCrown, Wealth, To Create, To Invent, Fur, Covering
52Fatima Tuz ZahraOne Who Abstains, Baby’s Nurse, White, Radiant
53FilzaRose From Heaven
54FizzaIn Muslim meaning is: Nature
56HabibaBeloved. Sweetheart. Darling.
57HadiyaGuide to righteousness
58HalaLunar Halo. Glory.
59HaleemaVariant Of Halima: Gentle. Patient. Mild. Humane.
60HamidahPraised, Praiseworthy
61Hana’Happiness, Bliss, Felicity.
62HaniaHappiness, Laughter, Joy, and Delight
63HayaDecency, Shyness, Shame
64HeerPower, riches
65HinaFragrance (Khushboo), Myrtle, Powder Myrtle Leaves, Mehndi
66HiraThe Name Of The Hill Where The Quran Was Revealed To The Prophet
67HooriyaIn Muslim meaning is: Angel
68HumairaFrom the Arabic name meaning reddish! Title name of Aisha RA one who strives to achieve her utmost best!
69IfrahHappy, Farhat Religion
70IlhamIntuition, Inspiration.
71InayahIn Sindhi meaning is Concern.
73IqraThe first word of the Quran, To read, To recite
74IrajA Character In Shahnameh
76JanaHealthy Child; Yesterday; Harvest; God’s Gift; Gift from God; The Lord is Gracious; God is Merciful
77KainaatAll Being, All Creations, The Creation, Universe
78KashafRevelation, Manifestation, Divination, Miracle
79KashmalaNecklace of flowers, Garland
80KhadeejaVariant Of Khadijah: Premature Daughter. First Wife Of Prophet Muhammad.
81KhiradIntellect, Samajh, Aqal, Danish
82KinzaHidden Treasure, Precious, Intelligent, Wise
84LubabaVariant Of Lubabah: The Innermost Essence.
85MadihaWorthy of praise( Swahili origin )
86MahaWild Cow
87MaheenGreatest, Fine, Feeble
88MahnoorLight, Radiance, Moon, Moonlight
89MahreenMoon, Beautiful
90MahrukhMoon Face
91MaidahTable spread blessing
92MairaFavorable, Admirable, light, swift, fast-moving
93MalihaPleasant( Swahili origin )
94Manahilfountain, spring, Spring of freshwater
95Manal manaalAttainment, achievement
96MaryamPure, Pious Lady, Mistress or Lady of the Sea, Sea of Bitterness
98MawrahLay, Hidden
100Meharlove, friendship, sun
101MehnazLike The Moon With Pride
102MehwishMoon, Beautiful, Pretty, Moon Face
104MinalA Precious Stone; Union; Fruit
105MinhaA Blessing From Allah, Gift From Allah, Grant
106MirhaLight Of Allah, Nimble, Agile
107MisbahLight, Lamp
109MuntahaThe Utmost, Highest Degree, High Status
110MuskanSmile, Happy, Laughter
111NahiyaOne who advises, adviser.
113NaimaSoft, Gentle, Blessed, Tranquility
114NajafCity Of Iraq
115NamraThe name of a famous mosque
116NashwaFragrance, Perfume, That Which Intoxicates.
117NehaLoving, Affectionate, Rain
118NidaCall, Sound, Voice, Call To Prayer
119NishaWhole World, Night, ‘A Remembered
120NosheenSugary, sweet, delicious
121ParisheyFairy face, beautiful, pretty, innocent
123QiratBeautiful Recitation
124RababWhite Cloud
125RabiaFourth, rainy, fertile, constant, stable
126RameenObedient, Successful Woman, Loyal, Joyous, Jubilant
128RamzanTo Alive
129RidaVirtuous, Pious, God-Fearing, and Devoted to God. help’s people
130RimshaBouquet, Beautiful, Face like the moon
131Rubybehold, ason
132RuhabOur who keeps ones promise.
133RumaisaA wind that scatters dust, hides tracks, footprints
134SabaMorning breeze, Spring breeze, Zephyr
135SadafShell, Oyster, Pearl
137SairaName of a bird, Moving, Wandering, Travel
138SalehaChaste, virtuous woman
141Sameerafair lady
142SamraSoft, light tanned color
143SanaLight, Radiance, To Glow, Resplendence
145SaniaBrilliant, Majestic, Exalted, Eminent, Splendid, Fem. Of Sani
146SaraPure, Happy, Happiness, Laughter, Joy, and Delight
148SehrishThe sunrise, Glamorous, magical.
149ShanzaWoman of dignity, Success, Prosperity, Development
150Shariqabeautiful girl
152ShehneelaGalaxy of A star
154ShizaA gift or present
156SidraA tree of Berry, a tree in heaven, name of a Sahabiyya
157SilaAchievement; Home Sick; Old
158SitaraScreen, Star
159SomaMoon-rays; Samaras; A Type of Wine
160SufiaA person who follows Sufism – Clean heart
161SumairaBrownish, Diminutive Of Samra., Night Companion In Conversation
162SumbulFrail, Delicate
163TabeerThe result of good work
164TahiraVirginal, Pure
165TayyabaPleasant, Well.
166ToobaBlessedness, Goodness, Bliss, A Tree In Heaven
167UrwahIn Sindhi meaning is Hand-held, support.
168UzmaGreatest, More Magnificent, Supreme, More Glorious
170WaniyaGod’s gift
173ZahraRadiant, Resplendent
174ZainabGenerosity, Munificence, Fragrant Flower
175ZairaIn Hebrew meaning is Eastern brightness, dawn; Princess.
176ZarafshanGolden Smee
177ZarmeenaThe Wealth
178ZarqaA girl with bluish-green eyes
179zimmalProvisions for a journey
180ZohaLight, Morning Light, Light Of The Religion
181ZoyaAlive, Loving, Caring Girl

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