Grand Canyon University Full Review | All You Need To Know

Grand Canyon University (GCU) is a renowned institution for higher education in the USA. After its establishment in 1949, it has provided outstanding education and has grown to become a highly regarded institution with both online and on-campus options.

Grand Canyon University grooms students to be global citizens, critical thinkers, and effective communicators through a challenging academic curriculum firm. It aims to cultivate responsible leaders. Here’s all the information you need to know about the Grand Canyon University.

History of Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University (GCU) was founded in 1949 as Grand Canyon College in Prescott, Arizona. It was created to offer faith-based education to local Baptists who wanted degrees without leaving the state.

Grand Canyon University (GCU)
Grand Canyon University (GCU)

In 1951, the college moved to Phoenix, Arizona. In 1984, the trustees of the college voted to transition the college to a university. In 1989, it became Grand Canyon University, transitioning from a college to a university. 

In the early 2000s, GCU faced financial problems. So in 2004, it was sold to Significant Education, LLC. This made it the first for-profit Christian college in the USA Later. Significant Education became a public company called Grand Canyon Education. In that time GCU’s student population grew significantly.

Legal problems began when the U.S. government sued GCU for breaking incentive compensation rules. This resulted in a settlement of $5.2 million. However, by 2014, GCU students had accumulated over $5.9 billion in student loan debt.

Due to becoming a  for-profit institution, the university had a sports rivalry with Arizona State University. However, in 2020, they started competing against each other again.

GCU tried to become a non-profit again but had problems. The Higher Learning Commission rejected them, and the U.S. Department of Education still said they were for-profit. This caused legal battles and claims of government involvement.

Grand Canyon University Academic Programs

GCU offers 200+ degree programs of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs in various fields. They implement their programs across nine colleges. These are: 

  1. Colangelo College of Business;
  2. College of Theology;
  3. College of Science, Technology and Engineering;
  4. College of Doctoral Studies;
  5. College of Education;
  6. College of Humanities and Social Sciences;
  7. College of Nursing and Health Care Professions;
  8. College of Arts and Media;
  9. Honors College.

The academic programs of GCU cover business, education, psychology, nursing and many other fields. The university is renowned for its dedication to getting students ready for success in today’s challenging job market.

Grand Canyon University Courses Offered

GCU offers courses in below subjects: 

  • Anesthesiology
  • Cardiology
  • Biological Sciences
  • Applied Technology
  • Pathology
  • Internal Medicine
  • New Media
  • Public Policy
  • Behavioural Health Science
  • Biology
  • Pre-Medicine
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Neurology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Otolaryngology
  • Paediatrics
  • Communications
  • English
  • History
  • Government
  • Family Medicine
  • Geriatrics

GCU Online Learning Programs

GCU is renowned for its robust online learning programs. It offers students the flexibility to take their education from anywhere. This makes it a popular choice for people who want to continue their education while managing other responsibilities.

Grand Canyon University Acceptance Requirements 

GCU opened a seminary in August 2016. While their nursing programs faced challenges, they made significant improvements in graduation rates and test passage rates. For undergraduate admission, GCU looks for a 3.0 high school GPA or a 2.5 GPA with SAT 1,000 or ACT 19. 

In 2021, the acceptance rate was 76.9%, with 23% enrolling. In 2022, the acceptance rate was 78% for full-time degree-seeking students. Test scores aren’t reported, and other requirements like class rank and letters of recommendation aren’t necessary.

Grand Canyon University Application Requirements

To get admitted to GCU, some crucial documents are needed for Bachelor’s and Master”s Degrees. The necessary documents are:

  • Online application
  • Choose your program
  • Degree transcripts
  • Official academics documents
  • Visa 
  • Passport
  • Application fee-No Fee
  • Confirmation letter
  • Reference letter
  • English Proficiency test score
  • TOEFL  Score
  • Personal statement
  • Resume

Grand Canyon University Sports and Athletics

Grand Canyon University embarked on a journey to NCAA Division I, officially gaining approval on August 23, 2017. This achievement marked GCU as the sole for-profit institution in Division I basketball. Remarkably, this change empowered GCU’s teams to qualify for postseason competitions. 

Most sports teams are part of the Western Athletic Conference. But Men’s Volleyball competes in the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation, and Beach Volleyball does its own thing. GCU’s sports partnerships provide a wide variety of chances at the NCAA’s highest level.

Grand Canyon University Research Center

GCU is deeply committed to helping students become compassionate leaders who make a lasting impact on their communities. Whether the students are local, national, or global they try to fulfil their commitment.

The university offers financial support and dedicates numerous volunteer hours to non-profit organisations in the community. These organisations include the Phoenix Dream Center, Hopefest, American Cancer Society, and Phoenix Rescue Mission.

Grand Canyon University Overall Facilities

GCU has great facilities for students faculty and staff. Let’s find out all the necessary facilities of GCU: 

Student Facilities 

GCU’s overall student facilities are outstanding. Their campus departments provide services and resources to make your college experience better. The Office of Student Life creates a community feeling, and the Office of Institutional Effectiveness enhances academics.

GCU welcomes all students, faculty and staff with disabilities by ensuring equal access through Student Disability Services. Their commitment to inclusivity following state and federal laws makes them a welcoming community for everyone. Grand Canyon University has various student societies. These are:

  • GCU Cyber Security
  • Lopes Justice Society
  • Alpha Chi National Honors Society
  • Pre-Law Society
  • GCU Pre-Dental Society
  • Philosophy & Film Society
  • Accounting Society
  • Alpha Psi Omega
  • Delta Mu Delta
  • Forensic Science Society

Housing Facilities

GCU offers various housing options for new and returning students. They have suite-style residence halls and apartments with everything you need to feel at home. The total cost depends on where you want to stay and your meal plan. If you need to leave housing early, complete a “Withdraw from Housing” form.

Medical Facilities 

The GCU Health and Wellness Clinic provides many services like health education, wellness promotion, weight management, immunizations, and help to quit smoking. They also offer special services for the campus, such as women’s healthcare clinics, a Health Shop and Canyon Counseling Services. 

Library Facilities 

The library at GCU is like the backbone of academic help for all GCU students, faculty, and staff. You can find tutorials for general library help,databases, and technical support on the library’s website. Also, you can join webinars for guided tours on how to access and use the library’s resources.

Grand Canyon University’s Student Life 

The students of GCU are having a great time at the college campus. We can describe their college life through below words:

Student Campus Life

Grand Canyon University (GCU) in Phoenix offers an amazing campus. The campus boasts modern structures, dining spots, swimming pools, state-of-the-art sports facilities, and much more. It’s an excellent place to experience your college years. 

GCU offers four-credit courses and fast-track options, so you can graduate faster and start working sooner. If you like on-campus life, GCU’s Phoenix campus is lively. There are clubs, sports teams, and events to make your college experience even better.

Sports & Entertainment 

At Grand Canyon University, you have lots of ways to have fun and stay active on campus. You can join their campus sports teams and attend classes at student fitness centres. Even they explore the outdoors through the GCU Outdoor Recreation Program on weekends. These activities are not only great for your fitness but also help you link up with fellow Lopes.

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Campus sports offer a chance to build relationships and enjoy sports together. We’ve created three divisions so that everyone can participate, regardless of their skill level. These divisions are named competitive, recreational and coed. The GCU’s goal is to foster a strong sense of community on campus through these programs.

Student Clubs

Grand Canyon University has lots of clubs and organisations to make your college experience fun and rewarding. You have the opportunity to become a part of academic clubs, prestigious programs, film festivals and innovation competitions and contribute to your local and international communities. This is an excellent way to connect with professionals and start your career. It is a fantastic way to enjoy life, while you achieve your goals. 

GCU has three types of organisations. These are:

  1. Professional Student Organizations (PSO): These are groups related to your field of study or future career.
  2. University Ministry Organizations (UMO): If you’re interested in spiritual and faith-based activities, these are for you.
  3. University Social Organizations (USO): These organisations focus on social and recreational activities, so you can have a good time with friends.

Besides, there are some other student Clubs:

  • HER
  • SIS
  • Students Dance Organization
  • MBG
  • Digital Film Production Club
  • SAGA
  • GCU-Hip-Hop Club
  • Music Curation and Creation

These groups help you make the most of your time at GCU and prepare for the future.

Grand Canyon University Residential Life

The Department of GCU Residence Life is committed to offering students a safe and supportive living environment. That not only ensures safety but also opens up numerous distinctive chances for personal, career and spiritual growth. 

The department encourages student growth by assisting with:

  • Roommate selection, 
  • Maintaining a conduct process centred on restorative justice,
  • Individualised support, 
  • Fostering a community that prioritises strong relationships, 
  • Servant leadership,
  • Self-awareness etc.

Also, GCU offers quality foods and drinks. GCU has many short-term getaways for their residential students.

Grand Canyon University Food and Drink

GCU have different contributor for food and drinks, these are:

  • Arena Cafe
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Kaminari
  • Taco Thunder
  • Canyon Pizza Company
  • Grand Canyon Beverage Company
  • Fresh Fusion
  • Einstein Bros. Bagels
  • Canyon 49 Grill
  • The Lope House

Grand Canyon University Short-Term Getaways 

GCU has some short-term getaway projects to make the student’s life more enjoyable. These are:

  • Tempe Town Lake
  • Pueblo Grande Museum
  • Phoenix Art Museum
  • Phoenix Zoo
  • OdySea Aquarium
  • Mesa Arts Center
  • Camelback Mountain
  • Papago Park
  • Desert Botanical Garden
  • South Mountain Park and Preserve
  • Piestewa Peak
  • Heard Museum
  • Arizona Science Center.

For the variety of facilities, GCU’s residence life is up to the mark.

Grand Canyon University Educational Costs 

Grand Canyon University’s yearly fees are $16,500. It applies to students from both in-state and out-of-state. However, due to institutional scholarships, the typical on-campus student’s annual tuition fees are reduced to $9,200. It reduces the cost for most students by nearly half. In online programs, the students have to pay $12,900 per year. 

Additionally, international students might also need to pay for tuition:

  • Cost for Books and Supplies: $1,000 annually.
  • Cost for Health insurance: $1,500 annually.
  • Cost for Room and board: $10,000 to $15,000 annually.

The total costs for International students at GCU range from $29,000 to $42,000 annually.

Grand Canyon University Scholarship

Grand Canyon University (GCU) offers various scholarship programs to help students with their educational expenses. The university provides scholarships for academic, athletic, and specialised scholarships. It supports students to pursue their degrees. 

Grand Canyon University Scholarship
Grand Canyon University Scholarship

You can find specific information about GCU’s scholarship programs on the university’s official website. You may also reach out to their financial aid office for updated information.

Grand Canyon University Visas and Immigration Support For Residential Students

GCU has grown with Phoenix to become one of the nation’s leading private universities. GCU has embraced various cultures for more than six decades by encouraging its students to share their unique viewpoints, ultimately shaping them into global citizens. The university allows students from Australia, China, Denmark, Japan, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam. 

GCU is authorised by federal law to admit nonimmigrant students via the F-1 Student Visa program. If you’re considering enrolling as a full-time F-1 Visa student at GCU, the International Student Office and GCU counsellors can guide you through the visa and immigration procedures.

Grand Canyon University Career Services 

Career services at GCU cover a range of valuable offerings to help students in their journey toward a successful career. These services provide support in various ways. These are:

1. Exploring College Majors and Career Options: Career advisors or services of GCU help students navigate the often complex world of college majors and career choices. They offer guidance to students who may be uncertain about their academic and professional direction.

2. Resume and Cover Letter Assistance: Students can receive assistance in creating effective resumes and cover letters. This includes guidance on how to present their skills and experiences in a compelling way to potential employers.

3. Polish Interviewing Skills: The Career services of GCU offer guidance on how to excel in interviews. This includes tips on how to answer common interview questions, make a positive impression and effectively communicate one’s qualifications.

4. Refine Networking Skills: Networking is a vital aspect of building a successful career. GCU career services teach students how to network effectively, both in-person and online. The service helps them to connect with professionals in their chosen field.

5. Job Opportunity Identification: One of the most critical aspects of career services is helping students find job opportunities. This includes not only information on student worker positions but also off-campus job opportunities. It enables students to gain valuable work experience while studying.

Overall, GCU career services are a valuable resource for students. It provides guidance and support to students as they navigate their educational and professional paths.

Grand Canyon University Part-time Jobs 

GCU provides part-time positions for student workers in various departments every year. At any ACE Center on campus, you can receive assistance with your resume, online applications and interview availability. 

Students have the opportunity to discover employment that appeals to them, such as roles like tutoring, office tasks or lab support. International students are also allowed to engage in on-campus employment.

Top Reasons To Choose Grand Canyon University

The top reasons to study at GCU are:

1. Affordable Tuition and Financial Aid: GCU is known for its affordability to offer scholarships and grants to ease the financial burden of attending college.

2. Online Learning Opportunities: GCU offers flexible online learning options to enable students to pursue their degrees from anywhere in the world.

3. Wide-ranging Degree Programs: GCU provides over 200 undergraduate and graduate programs to match your interests and career aspirations.

4. Career-Focused Education: GCU’s program is designed to get students ready for the Job Market. The university offers internships, job fairs and various career resources to assist students in achieving their career goals.

Bottom Line 

The Grand Canyon University is a great educational institution for higher education. Though their educational expenses are high to handle, you can get the best career opportunities from GCU. Besides, if you can get a scholarship, you will benefit significantly.

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