All School Eiin Number List Of Bangladesh- Jaintapur Upazila

Bangladesh All School EIIN Number Jaintapur Upazila 2020. All School EIIN Number List of Bangladesh District, Thana. EIIN Number of Sylhet Education Board. The word EIIN means – Educational Institute Identification Number.

All School Eiin Number List Of Sylhet Board Jaintapur Upazila, Sylhet.

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  1. Bourbhag High School (Eiin: 130348)
  2. Brigadiar Majumder Bidda Niketon (Eiin: 130345)
  3. Central Jaintia High School (Eiin: 130339)
  4. Charikata High School (Eiin: 130347)
  5. Chiknagool Adhorsha High School, Chiknagool (Eiin: 130343)
  6. Horipur Bohu Mukhi High School, Horipur (Eiin: 130338)
  7. Jointapur Girls’ High School, Jointapur (Eiin: 130342)
  8. Jointapur Govt. High School, Jointapur (Eiin: 130340)
  9. Khazar Mukam High School (Eiin: 130346)
  10. Ahmed Public High School (Eiin: 136313)
  11. Moulana Abdul Latif-Julekha Girls’ High School (Eiin: 130337)
  12. Rangpani Captain Rashid High School, Jaintapur (Eiin: 130344)
  13. Romjan Rupjan Bager Khal Academy (Eiin: 130349)
  14. Sarighat High School, Jointapur (Eiin: 130341)
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